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Dear friends and supporters:

After thoughtful consideration, I have decided to run for re-election to the Desert Hot Springs City Council.  As you are aware, on the November 2018 election ballot is a measure to vote for a rotating Mayor position just like the other cities in the Coachella Valley.  This would be beneficial for us.

I am advocating and campaigning for a better tomorrow!  I’m running because I believe everyone deserves a fair shot at prosperity, not just the chosen few.  Accountability and transparency at City Hall needs to improve.  I’ve been waiting for over two months to receive public information.

It’s time we take our City back and select true citizen servants.  I’m committed to creating a safe, healthy, and liveable City for everyone with transparent government being a priority.

I come from a humble farmworker upbringing where I learned the value of hard work and education.  I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree from the Fresno State University with studies in political science, commercial recreation, parks management, non-profit business development and grant writing while working part time to pay my way.

I have always committed myself to the community, advocating for safe streets, healthy neighborhoods, children & youth programs, educational opportunities, new jobs, and fair housing for residents.

My focus remains in making Desert Hot Springs a Health & Wellness City with career and technical skills training so that everyone has the chance to get on board this train of upward mobility.  

This is the approach that I will bring as Councilmember, seeking safe and healthy areas for our children and families with equal opportunities for everyone.  Fighting crime is a priority to make sure our neighborhoods are secure and liveable for families.  

I’ll be advocating for strategic smart growth that considers the priorities of residents.  This includes improved infrastructure projects and transportation upgrades to attract new businesses.  New policing programs will keep our children safe at our schools and in our neighborhoods.

I will keep our City on the path of upward economic improvements, especially in the new green cultivation industries by continuing to promote capital investment and job growth.  New changes need to be made to allow existing businesses to continue growing with lower taxes to create more jobs.

As you know, every city has its challenges and our ability to find common ground to advance our goals is one of the things that make our city unique.  But our elected officials must be compassionate to the concerns our residents are facing on a daily basis.

We need to keep pushing if we want to make sure this new change takes place and our vision for the future happens.  Please get involved to keep our City moving in the right direction.

Adam Sanchez, City Councilmember

Campaign News

Adams Qualifications

Adam Sanchez is qualified for the position of City Council Member because of his 20 years serving the community as President of Rotary Club, Director of the Coachella Valley AmeriCorps Program, Boys & Girls Club, Police Activities League, Food Now, and volunteering with AYSO soccer, Boy Scouts and Little League Baseball.

Adam supports investing in our families’ safety, educational and health care needs.

Adam brought revenue and jobs by supporting the cultivation industry to keep the City out of bankruptcy and saved our police department.

Under his leadership, we have:

A healthy City budget with a reserve account

Our own City Police Department, instead of Riverside County Sheriffs

The Coachella Valley’s best Health & Wellness Center and City pool

Borrego Health Care Services and Urgent Medical Care Center

After school educational programs for children

Youth Gang Awareness and Drug Interdiction Program

A Martin Luther King Day Peace & Unity March

A Flag Pole to honor our service members at Veterans Park

Art sculptures & butterflies on Palm & Pierson center dividers

Together, we made progress in the City.  My wife and family are committed to community service, helping families when their properties are damaged by flooding, heavy winds and fires.

Adam Sanchez


The Future of the Green Industry Sector

The City of Desert Hot Springs has loaded the legal green industry sector down with such high taxes and onerous permit regulations that businesses now have a tough time competing and raising revenue.  In addition, State regulations with along with high taxes and license fees make it now very difficult to compete in this new rapidly maturing green industry.

Recent comparisons around the State on the typical costs, revenues and the timeline to break even associated with Desert Hot Springs indoor and greenhouse cultivation businesses has raised red flags for investors.  Higher product prices are inhibiting market growth and ironically sustaining the illicit grey market.

Current breakdowns of the individual growth trend analysis for cultivation in the City shows that both the public and private investment landscape has slowed down.  Astute investors have conducted insightful research into the current green industry climate in the City and have found that’s its not conducive to expanding their investment opportunities.

The current overall analysis of the investment landscape from the perspective of capital flows, state & local taxes and the grey market shows that many green industry operators are facing economic challenges to growing their financial strategies.