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Adam Sanchez is qualified for the position of City Council Member because of his 20 years serving the community as President of Rotary Club, Director of the Coachella Valley AmeriCorps Program, Boys & Girls Club, Police Activities League, Food Now, and volunteering with AYSO soccer, Boy Scouts and Little League Baseball.

Adam supports investing in our families’ safety, educational and health care needs. Adam brought revenue and jobs by supporting the cultivation industry to keep the City out of bankruptcy and saved our police department.


The Future of the Green Industry Sector

The City of Desert Hot Springs has loaded the legal green industry sector down with such high taxes and onerous permit regulations that businesses now have a tough time competing and raising revenue.  In addition, State regulations with along with high taxes and license fees make it now very difficult to compete in this new rapidly maturing green industry.

Recent comparisons around the State on the typical costs, revenues and the timeline to break even associated with Desert Hot Springs indoor and greenhouse cultivation businesses has raised red flags for investors.  Higher product prices are inhibiting market growth and ironically sustaining the illicit grey market.

Current breakdowns of the individual growth trend analysis for cultivation in the City shows that both the public and private investment landscape has slowed down.  Astute investors have conducted insightful research into the current green industry climate in the City and have found that’s its not conducive to expanding their investment opportunities.

The current overall analysis of the investment landscape from the perspective of capital flows, state & local taxes and the grey market shows that many green industry operators are facing economic challenges to growing their financial strategies.